Fruit and Vegetable E Coli Killer Bug Danger

May 31, 2011

Spain and Britain have been hit with a killer bug that is suspected of originating with organic cucumbers. Denmark, Holland and Sweden have also been hit. People in Germany are being warned to avoid cucumbers, lettuce, and tomatoes when traveling to Germany. A spokeswoman for the British Health Protection Authority said the outbreak in Germany was "very, very serious."

Spain is accusing Germany of spreading panic and hurting trade by blaming the E coli outbreak on cucumbers from Spain. They also assert there is no proof the E coli outbreak started in Spain. Russia and Belgium have blocked vegetable imports from Spain.

"We need urgent action to stop the damage on the reputation of Spain's producers. They implement sanitary checkups responsibly, even above European Union requirements." --- Spain's Environment Minister Rosa Aguilar

Health authorities in Germany have confirmed that 11 people have died and over 1,000 have become infected from the outbreak. The E coli bug is being called the largest ever in Germany.